Align with what you want.
Allow your paradigms to shift.
Receive your desired outcome.

How Does This Work?

Karen and Michelle offer a unique approach to Life Coaching. They combine traditional coaching with belief work enabling you to get out of your own way and remove your limiting paradigms, which shifts the way you approach and experience your life. They teach you to get off the hamster wheel of obligation, and realign with your flow of energy to receive inspired ideas and actions in fun, exciting and oh so possible ways.

To start, we’d love to get to know you, so schedule an initial consultation which will take 15 to 30 minutes. During our initial consultation we’ll figure out if we are a good match, assess your needs and how we can best support you. Once we’ve come up with a plan, you will schedule alternating appoints with Michell and Karen.

During the sessions with Michelle, she will guide you down a new path, allowing you to experience and respond to life in a whole new, amazing, and fun way that supports you in being who you want to be.

During the sessions with Karen, you will enjoy a collaborative process as we discover and clear those hidden and not so hidden blocks which have been preventing you from showing up in your life as you would like to. This will put you on the fast track to achieving your desired outcome!

Our Packages

If you haven’t already, schedule your initial consultation, then click on the package we’ve decided on.

Who are Karen and Michelle?

Karen has been working in the healing arts since before the turn of the century, always searching out new ways to help her clients. ThetaHealing became her passion once she discoverd the amazing results she and her clients were receiving.

Michelle has been happily meandering her way through life, first as a homeschool mom, then a successful business owner (still is), and now a life coach.

Together they are RenyBelle, and they believe life is fun when you get out of your own way, so schedule your initial consultation, and we’ll teach you how!

This is us (and LaFey), in all our fabulous glory!